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Airports, train stations, bus depots or metro areas can encompass vast spaces, often spanning between 10,000 to more than 300,000 square feet while ceilings may rise up to two stories high and the walls may consist primarily of glass. While all of these things add up to a spacious open facility that keeps the thousands of travelers that pass through feeling comfortable, it also totals up to a massive space to maintain and keep clean.

Cleaning windows

Clean even the highest window with the i-suit. A revolutionary way method of window washing that relieves relieving the user of at least 50% of the physical strain encountered on the job. during their work. Working with the telescopic pole in combination with the i-suit, allows you to work three times as fast. No more carrying and constantly replacing a ladder to reach the spots you want to clean. 

Window washing with the i-suit

A revolutionary method of window washing that relieves the user of at least 50% of the physical strain encountered on the job.


Tens of thousands of people travel through airports, train stations and bus stations. A recent study done by insurance Quotes at three major U.S. airports found out that the self check-in kiosks have the dirtiest surfaces in an aiport. The average screen at the kiosks had 253,857 CFU compared to an average of only 172 CFU on a household toilet seat.
The high amount of traffic coming through these areas 24/7 means that spaces and surfaces get dirty fast with sometimes alarming levels of contamination. With first-class service & maintenance comes an even higher standard of cleaning, and this calls for a range of products that are cleaner, faster, safer and greener.
Our microfibre i-fibre products use less chemicals and water, which results in a more sustainable and healthy planet. i-team has taken this idea one step further, and created a whole series of utilities and equipment to accompany an all-in-one system.


With passengers traversing through the halls, escalators, bathrooms, restaurants, boarding gates and turnstiles, any massive central hub for public transport needs a high quality cleaning apparatus that will effectively clean different multiple designated areas. Cleaning crews have to work around large volumes of people and this calls for a range of products that are always flexible, compact and fast.

Cleaning around obstacles

The i-mop XXL is a re-imagined, vertically designed, full-sized, heavy duty auto scrubber with enhanced built-in solution recovery. You can clean underneath waiting chairs & benches, tables, servicing areas, washroom sinks and escalator poles. The i-mop XXL is ergonomic and maneuverable. It can turn 360° on the spot and can run 24/7 without recharging down time! The i-mop XXL is also great for route cleaning because it can be easily transported to multiple locations. It’s no problem taking it the i-mop XXL up steps, on escalators. Need to move from building to building? No problem with the i-land XL, an all-in-one solution, which makes sure you can take all your cleaning needs in one accessible cart. No more unproductive travel time!

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