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Everything you need in one convenient cart

No unproductive traveling time

Using i-land makes the process of cleaning more efficient. There is no more unproductive traveling time because all the supplies you need are available in your cleaning island.

No cross contamination

Colour-coded cleaning

The handy coloured lids of the buckets aid in colour-coded cleaning. This helps cleaners find the right chemicals, tools and cloths for the task at hand without the risk of cross contamination.


No heavy lifting

Reduce potential injuries

There is no need for heavy lifting of supplies anymore, reducing potential physical injuries.

Corrosion resistant

Durable PE material

i-land is made of very durable PE rotational material and is corrosion resistant. Save energy by using the i-light instead of turning on the light of the premises when cleaning after dark.


Simplify the process of cleaning

Better for everyone

It simplifies the process of cleaning, whilst increasing the level of joy while cleaning. There is no need to run back to your cabinet for supplies. Our all in one solution makes sure you have everything you need in one accessible and convenient cart.

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