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i-gum Gum removal machine

Solving a sticky problem with ease

igum G test

Complete freedom of movement

Dissolve gum in seconds

The intelligent lance helps dissolve gum from surfaces at a rapid rate of 6 seconds. No need to barrier off areas. The backpack gives the operator complete freedom of movement allowing you to clean around people.

Keep it clean

No remanence of gum

Since our machines dissolve the gum rather than removing the gum, it does not leave any remanence of gum on the surface.


No water or power supply needed

Environmentally friendly

No water or power supply needed to operate the machine. The efficient heating element of the lance and the pre-diluted detergent uses just the correct amount of detergent with no water required. The sugar beet-based detergent is Ph neutral and environmentally friendly.

Designed as a trolley and backpack

Reducing risks

The i-gum has been designed as a trolley and a backpack, making the method of removing gum safer. No trailing cables, hoses or surfaces covered in water, reducing the risk of slips and eliminating electrocution risks. Finally, there is no heat present and no dangerous fumes or harmful chemicals used when working with the i-gum.


Ease of use

Better for everyone

The maneuverability and ease of use empowers the operator and lets them clean any surface covered with gum very quickly.

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