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i-move vacuums

Get carried away

Your perfect travel buddy

Clean areas with ultimate flexibility

The key feature of the i-move is that you can carry it on your back like a backpack. Combined with the cordless design and 360° swivel hose, this guarantees ultimate freedom of movement and flexibility for the cleaner. Add strong suction power and the possibility to move quickly through smaller or obstructed spaces and you’ve got your perfect travel buddy.

These two can tango

A strong duo

The i-move 4B and 2.5B make the perfect vacuum duo: use the 4B for (very) dirty places that need extra power and the 2.5B for (smaller) places where an agile solution is needed.

In need of a power boost?

Optional i-brush

Get some extra suction power to clean high pile carpets. The optional i-brush agitates the carpet, loosening dirt and dust. It gives your i-move that much needed extra boost to get dust and dirt out of your carpet!

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