i-mop new features

New features for i-mop XL & XXL

New features available in Q1 2022

We are continuously improving our i-mop models. The i-mop XL and i-mop XXL will have lots of new features. Check them out below. 

Easy does it

Drive support

Drive support allows an operator to use the i-mop up to 2,75 kg less weight on the handle for easier turning and mopping. You can adjust the handle to 2 different heights so it can be used by people of different sizes. Use your foot up to engage or disengage drive support and get going. For i-mop XXL it’s up to 3,45 kg less weight on the handle.

The future is green


With i-dose we introduce pods that contain a super concentrated, eco-friendly cleaning formula for the i-mop. Just pop the pod and wait for the liquid to drop in the water. Every pod contains exactly enough detergent for one i-dose solution tank. The i-mop now comes with a standard i-pod holder and waste bin for empty pods.

When you need a moment

Parking support

Back fatigue is a thing of the past. With parking support, you don’t have to bend down for a deck lift when you want to park the i-mop for a short period of time. Parking support allows you to park the i-mop in a standing position for10 minutes without lifting the deck. Simply engage or disengage parking with your foot.

Ring the alarm
Brushes need love too

To avoid wear on the brushes, an alarm will sound when the i-mop is in park position for over 10 minutes. The machine will then automatically be disabled. Lift the deck to stop the alarm and restart the i-mop.

We’re in the cloud


i-link is the new cloud-based management platform for your cleaning equipment. New i-mops have small transmitters located inside them, already integrated with the i-link cloud. These transmitters will send usage information, battery levels, and even the location of the machines to the i-link cloud every day. It’s also possible to set rules for notifications (e.g. reminders for maintenance after X hours of use) and to troubleshoot an issue with the machine to your i-partner.

Up to 130 minutes runtime in one go

i-power 20 batteries

The newest addition to the plug and play system is the i-power 20 battery (24V,20 Ah). One set keeps you cleaning up to 130 minutes with the i-mop XXL and remaining use time. The battery even has a digital screen to show the power cycles and remaining use time.

Faster repairs and maintenance

Detachable motor for XXL Pro

The enhanced motor is smaller and a better fit for the i-mop. It can be removed within 3 minutes which is ideal for repairs and maintenance. It also includes an EPA filter and uses the i-scent pod system for fragrance.

EPA filter
This filter collects some of the smallest particles of bacteria,viruses and other micro-organisms present in the air.It also collects the residue of the neutralized microbes.

Give liquids some time

Lift kit

Sometimes detergents of disinfectants need some dwell time when you’re cleaning the floor. And now you can easily give them that time. The lift kit makes it possible to lift the squeegee up with the flick of a switch.

Better for everyone

Anti-bacterial tanks

The tanks have an antibacterial infusion into the plastic which kills bacteria and prevents them from sticking to the tank. This results in strong odor reduction and a safer work environment for the cleaner. Rest assured that all bacteria are removed when you dispose of the fluids.

Give liquids some time

i-scent pod

With i-scent we introduce a soft, soothing, natural fragrance that you can add to the i-mop. You can place the optional i-scent cartridge in the motor and enjoy a refreshing scent while you clean.

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