Clean & comfy thanks to sustainable cleaning with high-quality machines.

In the hospitality business, guests and customers expect facilities to be clean, safe and inviting without any inconvenience to them. Enhance your facility’s image and minimize disruption with a range of durable, reliable floor cleaning machines to fill every need, from daily cleaning in guest rooms to deep cleaning lobby carpets to scrubbing and drying hard floors.

Liberation from the cord

Working with cordless machines liberates the cleaners in your facility, and noticeably cuts back on time and power issues. Cleaning a hotel room can be quite the hassle when looking at small sized areas filled with obstructions (beds, desks, tables, cabinets & more) that need high quality cleaning every day. With i-team Global cordless vacuum cleaners you can vastly improve your cleaning quality while saving a tremendous amount of time. The i-vac 9B can operate cordless and store up to 9 liters. imagine how much time can be saved without having to constantly entangle the user with cords, looking for outlets and having to roll-out and switch electrical cords every few minutes?

Cordless vacuuming in your corridors and hotel rooms

The i-vac 9B has surprised every user with it’s proven mobility, design and power.


Reduce chemical usage

i-team global has a wide range of products to tackle the different surfaces that you find in a hotel. For lighter cleaning methods you can use our i-fibre products, ranging from double sided microfibre cleaning cloths and for low to heavy soil we have pocket mops with mesh backing. Using our microfibre Trio split technology together with our PreTreat Cleaning system you can reduce chemical usage by 60%. 

Scrub solutions for washroom areas

Double disc action with the flexibility to even scrub areas in a vertical position


Measuring is knowing

Make everything spotless in your washrooms and bathrooms by checking and pre-examining your work. The i-scrub 26H is equipped with an internal black light, empowering your employees with the ability to check out how thoroughly they have cleaned any surface. This will greatly expand your reviewing abilities. With our i-know kit you can start monitoring cleanliness of high-touchpoints. You can use the ATP tests from this kit to quickly check if surfaces have been cleaned thoroughly. By implementing a monitoring tool, cleaning personnel will perform more consistently because they know cleanliness will be measured regularly.

High quality cleaning

With i-team Global cordless vacuum cleaners, the i-scrub 26H and i-fibre range, you can vastly improve your cleaning quality and range while saving a significant amount of time.


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