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Freedom of mobility

i-vac commercial vacuums


Start working non-stop

Quick time saver

Cleaning with a battery powered vacuum cleaner is a quick time saver. Unwinding, plugging in & out and rewinding takes 30 seconds every time.

Cleaning a hotel with 20 rooms with the i-vac saves you 61 hours every year.

Just put it on and start working non-stop.

Technical Specifications

The cassette filter prevents tiny harmful particles like dust, bacteria and dust mites from being reintroduced back into the environment. Improved air quality is the result. With its powerful motor and design i-vac is a compact battery powered vacuum cleaner with amazing airflow and suction power. 


Extend the life of a product

Slow down disposal rate

To slow down the rate of disposal and extend the life of a product, we make sure all the parts in the i-vac are easily replaced and upgraded. This i-vac 5B and 9B battery consumes 40% less energy than a cabled version.


Reduce risk of falling

Move around with ease!

Being cordless moving around is easier and quicker, Ni more risk of tripping over cables. The freedom of movement reduced the risk of falling.


Better for everyone

i-vac has surprised every user with its proven mobility, design and power. When operating i-vac cleaners feel complete freedom of movement. The ease of use and lightweight makes i-vac a favourite of many cleaners. Cleaners are happier, more engaged. Not to mention ensuring a cleaner, healthier environment.

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