Building service contractor

Offer a full range of innovative cleaning equipment.

As a building service contractor, it is highly desirable to be able to provide your clients with a significant array of innovative cleaning equipment and the endless possibilities that this represents. Our 4D cleaning philosophy is integrated into our products. Concepts like using interchangeable batteries between machines, or borrowing elements from one product to another makes each i-team product stronger, and returns their investment within weeks.

High service

When supplying your clients with high-quality cleaning machines equipment, it is vital to keep your clients trust. They must be satisfied with repair, total cost of ownership & support on all levels when dealing with a range of products. Providing the i-range can solve all kinds of issues your clients have with maintaining different areas, adoption of cleaning equipment and saving time & money on large areas. They will get outstanding cleaning performance with the i-range and reduce their overall cost of cleaning throughout the life of the equipment.
Utilizing the i-team support system, we have on-site support mechanisms in place. Our machines have been designed so that repair and maintenance is easily done by replacing single parts, or entire mechanisms. No complicated measures are needed!

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