Every second counts. Every life is precious. Your cleaning can make a difference.

Saving lives every day: doctors, nurses and hospital staff need to work in a safe, clean environment. With the i-team products, the cleaning staff can make sure the ER, recovery rooms, hallways, kitchen, washroom areas and every floor in the hospital is clean enough to conform to the standards of high-quality healthcare.

Start measuring how clean your floor is

You can scientifically prove how effective and thorough the i-range products clean, by using the i-know kit, containing ATP tests, slip meters and dirt challenges.

Another great product for checking cleanliness while cleaning is the i-scrub 26h with integrated black light. The black light lets you immediately examine your work, achieving substantial improvements in cleaning and disinfecting practices.


We’ve found in our demos at numerous hospitals, that most hospital corridors and waiting areas only appear to be clean, but upon actual quality testing they are still significantly contaminated. The i-mop represents an opportunity for you to dramatically improve your cleaning and maintenance operations.

The power of an auto scrubber…the agility of a flat mop

The positive weight on the brushes from an i-mop allows them to scrub harder. Their faster rotation speed also makes them more effective for a deeper clean. The scrubber’s enhanced fluid management removes the dirty cleaning solution from the floor rather than leaving it to dry and re-contaminate the surfaces. Your floors will be noticeably cleaner and demonstrably more hygienic. As measured by objectively quantifiable ATP testing, i-mop creates surfaces that are 90% cleaner compared to those maintained with the traditional mop and bucket.

Proven cleanliness with the i-mop XL

With over 350 RPM and 22 kg of brush pressure, the i-mop cleans efficiently and thoroughly. Perfect for hospital corridors, waiting rooms and kitchen areas. 

Making the invisible visible

When cleaning in critical patient environments, it is important to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness, as measured by ATP values, in order to guarantee a hygienic, safe environment. The cleaning of hard surfaces in hospital rooms is critical for reducing health-care associated infections.

What defines cleanliness? In some industries, a visual inspection might be enough. In hospitals, lives actually depend on how clean a room is. Not just the floor but also all other surfaces. Contamination of high-touch environmental surfaces plays an important role in transmission of pathogens in the acute care hospital setting. With our i-know kit you can start monitoring the cleanliness of high-touch areas. You can use the ATP tests from this kit to quickly check if surfaces have been cleaned thoroughly. By implementing a monitoring tool, cleaning personnel will perform more consistently because they know cleanliness will be measured regularly.

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