Supermarket cleaning with i-team solutions

Multiple environments from food preparation and foodservice to entrances and restrooms… from stockrooms and open aisles to high-end displays, and practically everything in between! Proper cleaning and sanitation are key to the health and safety of your customers and employees. After all, because your business is food clean surfaces are a necessity to prevent contamination.

Slip and fall hazard

Protecting your customers, your employees is very important. In a normal day people track in rain, snow, and soil. These circumstances can cause a slip and fall. The i-mop quickly cleans and recaptures solution, typically leaving floors dry (as measured by standardized slip test monitors) within seconds.

Proving cleanliness.

You can scientifically prove how effective and thorough the i-range products clean, with i-know, containing ATP tests, slip meters and dirt challenges.


Time is money

Customers and staff alike will appreciate that, with the i-mop, cleaning can take place during business hours. This machine does not obstruct pathways, but maneuvers easily around customers. Its mobility allows it to reach into corners and even underneath certain shelves, while it has enough power to clean large corridors.

The i-mop’s productivity is 8-10 times faster than conventional mopping and cleans anywhere in your store, from open aisles to obstructed kitchens and restrooms.

Clean underneath shelves

The i-mop XXL is an integral part of 4D cleaning solution for any type of supermarket. Maximize your cleaning, minimize your costs.

Prevent contamination

ATP testing confirms that counterrotating brushes of the i-mop scrub for 90% cleaner surfaces compared to conventional mopping. Modular HACCP color coded accessories help you prevent cross contamination in food prep and hygiene-critical areas.

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