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One pole to rule them all

smart clamps

Smart clamps

The light weight and rigid carbon water fed pole has smart clamps, offering great ease of use and prevent spinning levers, saving you a lot of messing around.

Brushes & goosenecks

The i-wash set offers a wide variety of brushes and goosenecks, improving your cleaning. Being click-and-play and easy adjustable, they are equally easy to work with.


Technical Specifications

The service box for the i-wash provides everything you need for every job you come across. And, it saves the environment too. With the Smaller Pencil Jest, for instance, your water usage can drop by 20%.


Keep both feet on the ground

With the i-wash you can keep your feet on the ground and work at heights up to 15 meters using just one telescopic pole set and up to 18 meters with 2 extra modular poles.

Extention poles

Combine i-wash with i-suit

Reduce physical strain

The i-suit improves safety by doing the heavy lifting for you. The patented harness reduces the physical strain of the telescopic pole by 50%. This makes your job less demanding and a lot less tiring.

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