Plug and play gun with integrated dosing feature

Only tabled-based cleaning system in the world

Keeping a decent cleaning standard in bigger areas such as showers and restrooms is a struggle. Operators don’t have enough time and existing methods are either expensive, difficult to master or heavy to work with. i-spraywash is the only tablet-based cleaning system in the world. The i-spraywash system is a plug & play gun with integrated dosing feature. It has a special nozzle that creates active foam that really sticks to the surface. All you need is a water hose and the right i-spraywash tab and you are ready to go! so the operator doesn’t have to think about how the system works, only where to spray.

Faster foam coverage


Save up to 50% working time

Cleaning 1m2 in just one second saves you up to 50% working time. Less is more. Faster foam coverage and less foam on the floor will save you time when rinsing.

Special foam nozzle and tablets

Deep cleaning

The special foam nozzle and tablets create an effective active foam that sticks to surfaces and even those hard to reach corners.

Biodegradable and eco-friendly tablets 

Good for the environment

The i-spraywash saves up to 25% chemicals and 50% water compared to traditional foam cleaners. All i-spraywash tablets are biodegradable and eco-friendly and developed with only the best active components, good for both the worker and the environment.

Light weight system

No harm for the operator

The i-spraywash is 2-3 times lighter than most liquid cleaning systems, saving weight on wrist, arm, shoulder and back of the operator. The concentrated tablets make sure you never over or under dose your chemicals. The system uses a color-coding system to organize your daily cleaning.

Easy and effective cleaning

It has never been this easy, safe and effective to clean and disinfect! No more heavy lifting or transporting of liquid chemicals in concentrate or diluted form. The i-spraywash automatically dilutes and dispenses. All you have to do is to choose the right tablet for your current task.

Thei-spraywash is part of the award winning i-team family from i-team global

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